The current evolution of the NJEdge optical fiber network employs a fully redundant ring network topology and represents the next incremental step toward delivering a completely meshed network. Features introduced in this design include redundant node and path routing devices at each of our three optical nodes. This design sustains our ability to provision 100Gb circuits to meet the demand for growth in backbone services. Additionally, the geographic redundancy of the optical nodes and advanced routing configurations place the NJEdge network into a new category of survivability and lays the physical foundation for New Jersey’s next generation research network.

The comprehensive scope of EdgeNet product solutions places an emphasis on our full service approach to member needs. EdgeNet solutions encompass the following:

  • Internet
  • Internet2
  • Peering
  • Transport
  • WAN
  • LAN
  • DDoS Mitigation Support Service
  • DNS

Next generation network architecture envisions a fully meshed network that deploys automatic re-routing of member traffic around any and all carrier network and hardware outages.

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