The comprehensive scope of EdgeNet product solutions places an emphasis on our full service approach and understanding of our member’s needs.

The NJEdge optical fiber network, EdgeNet, is a purpose-built, high-performance network designed to meet the unique needs of NJEdge members. By offering lightening-fast connectivity, a host of unique features, and hands-on service unique to EdgeNet, we’re able to deliver connected members a network connectivity experience above and beyond what traditional ISPs can offer.

EdgeNet Delivers:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • WAN & LAN Networking
  • Access to Internet2
  • Transport
  • DNS Services

Plus unique custom-built features such as:

A “Non-Blocking” Network – The EdgeNet network core supports 100% of member demand with no member’s traffic ever impacted by another member’s network activity.

Connection to Internet2 – EdgeNet’s peering connection to Internet2 enables NJEdge members to connect directly to the nation’s premier coast-to-coast research and education network.

Peering – Peering connections take the majority of EdgeNet member traffic off the commodity internet, decreasing the chance of cyberattacks and improving connectivity.

The EdgeNet peering infrastructure supports our members’ migration of critical business services to the cloud by moving the cloud closer to the membership.

Cloud Connect for Amazon Web Services – EdgeNet’s direct connection to the AWS cloud infrastructure benefits members in a variety of ways. This connection helps speed member migrations to the cloud, delivers secure transit of data connections, enables efficient flows of research data, and provides a data egress waiver to eliminate the cost of removing data from AWS for EdgeNet members.

DDoS Mitigation Support Service – An automatic DDoS defense mechanism is in place to protect the EdgeNet core and all connected members. All traffic entering the NJEdge network is actively monitored to minimize service disruptions.

Network Redundancy – EdgeNet includes 4 nodes distributed throughout the state of New Jersey, delivering a highly survivable, highly available networking experience to connected members.

LISP – EdgeNet is at the forefront of utilizing SDN-based LISP protocols to deliver a consolidated, robust architecture that enables members to reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses, simplify network design, reduce system load, and improve network scalability.

Hands-On EdgeNet Service – Unlike traditional ISPs, EdgeNet is highly invested in the success of our connected members. Our engineers work with you to optimize your on-network experience, providing responsive service, a wealth of advanced features, in-depth network performance reporting, and consultation to help you take advantage of the latest and greatest developments in networking technology.

Your network is about to get a serious boost. Discover EdgeNet’s Power.

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