Membership Dedicated to Active Collaboration & Transformative Engagement

Early on in Edge’s 20-year history, we set a sizeable goal to be the ultimate facilitator of innovation for our member organizations.

Today, Edge embraces this concept with an outward-facing perspective that delivers:

  • Defined solutions to address your institution’s complex technology challenges
  • Adaptive technology designed for students, constituents and key stakeholders in:
    • Education – K-12 & Higher Ed
    • Research
    • Healthcare
    • Public service sector
    • Non-profit service sector
  • Shared services and resource sharing via a consortium approach
  • Cost benefits from consortium pricing programs
  • Thought leadership via an active community dedicated to elevated learning
  • Professional development with topical events, faculty showcases and a consortium-wide annual conference

The expansive network of Edge members, subscribing patrons and collaborating partners extends from end-to-end across New Jersey or, as we like to say – to the Edge and beyond.