Digital Transformation

Achieve Institutional Effectiveness With Solutions Designed to Support The Entire Student Lifecycle

Edge's Managed and Professional Services aim to provide our members with the solutions and tools they need to achieve operational efficiency while providing the highest levels of support and services throughout the student lifecycle. With institutional effectiveness as the driving force, our solutions aim to help institutions provide 24/7 service, meet strategic goals through the use of technology, improve enrollment yields, increase student retention rates, and grow student engagement.

Managed and Professional Services


Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

A contracted Edge vCIO serves as a member of your leadership team, ensuring that technology is leveraged efficiently and effectively to support the institution’s mission and vision. A highly qualified Edge vCIO supports digital transformation, enabling the institution to streamline operations and efficiently deliver services that drive competitive advantage and successful outcomes for students, faculty, and staff. Contract for interim or permanent services.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Many organizations need help identifying and implementing viable information security strategies and policies to maintain their security effectiveness and adhere to regulation and compliance requirements. A CISO plays an essential role in IT leadership, balancing information security, risk, and general business challenges, but not every organization has the ability to hire a CISO full-time. The EdgePro vCISO service has been designed to fill that gap.

Virtual Chief Digital Learning Officer (vCDLO)
Enrollment Management & Marketing

EdgePro Enrollment Marketing helps institutions increase applications and improve enrollment yield by designing integrated marketing strategies that attract prospective students in unique and engaging ways, while Enrollment Management increases your ability to provide high-touch, transparent, and proactive support to prospective and admitted students, delivering significant yield increases once students are in the enrollment funnel.

IT Help Desk & Student Support Call Center

Expectations around customer service have changed dramatically, and today’s students want convenient, anytime, anywhere, personalized support from their institution. Fast, reliable, high-quality IT Help Desk and One Stop Student Support can be a critical differentiator for an institution, driving student satisfaction rates to over 90% and helping to significantly increase retention rates. EdgePro services in this area provide a scalable, cost-effective support solution, leveraging technology and best-practice service and communication practices to deliver the support students demand.


E360 Assessment

The assessment will provide a holistic, 360-degree view of the institution’s current-state technology program, along with a diagnostic and prescriptive report designed to map the evolution of IT strategy to the overall institutional mission, vision, and strategy. In order to accomplish this goal and provide an assessment which delves into the breadth and depth of technology across the institution, the EdgePro team focuses on 10 technology-related domains that impact digital transformation readiness.

Business Technology Acceleration Program (BTAP)

Is your institution prepared to successfully complete an enterprise wide project to replace outdated systems and applications with modern business systems designed to help you compete in the digital era?

There is an alarming failure rate for these high stakes, costly business systems modernization projects in higher education, due to the well known fact that most institutions are simply not ready to undertake such an initiative. This reality represents the single greatest risk to the successful execution of such projects.

Edge has developed the Managed Risk Method for Business Technology Acceleration Program to enable our members to achieve maximum return on investment for these projects, and fully realize the capabilities of modern higher education business software to improve institutional effectiveness and engage students effectively throughout the lifecycle.

Student Lifecycle Modeling
Online Program Readiness Assessment

Edge’s Online Learning and Instructional Technology Acceleration (OLITA) program is a time and team-based professional service project that will build a new online campus, or accelerate your existing online learning capabilities. Our approach will ensure the development of programs designed to meet the unique needs of an online learning community, integrating best practices for learning design, EdTech, infrastructure support, student privacy, and cybersecurity.

Consortium Purchasing Agreements

To ease the burden of the procurement process and speed our members’ time to implementation and innovation, EdgeMarket enables Edge to deliver consortium purchasing agreements to members. With EdgeMarket, members gain access to current technologies at an affordable price focused on delivering optimum value.

Lead Agency Status

Cooperative Pricing System

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