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Digital Learning & Collaboration

Digital Learning & Collaboration

EdgeLearn represents an evolving suite of learner-centric technology solutions that provide faculty, instructional designers, educational technologists, and technology support personnel the platforms and tools they need to create a personalized and powerful learning experience for students. With EdgeLearn, our member institutions will have the tools they need for enhanced student engagement and authentic teaching and learning ━ anytime, anywhere.

Professional Services

Instructional Design

Course Management: Standard course updates from term-to-term (date changes, link checks, etc.)

Curriculum Design & Development: Work with faculty to design/redesign courses

Reusable Learning Objects: Creation of high quality learning objects for use in online curriculum or training (Articulate, Captivate, etc.)

Program Development

eLearning Strategy: Collaborate with stakeholders to develop online learning strategic plans

Planning & Evaluation: Assessment of existing online programs/departments to provide analysis and assistance

Instructional Technologies

Technology Support: Helpdesk incident management for campus educational technologies

Implementation: Project management for instructional technology implementations and transitions

Training: Training program development and delivery on enterprise instructional technology solutions

Course Assessment & Evaluation

Course Evaluation: Evaluate existing online courses against industry standard rubrics (QM, OSCQR, etc.) or custom rubrics

Quality Assurance Planning: Collaborate with campus leadership to develop and implement evaluation and revision cycles for online programs

Faculty/Student Development

Training Programs: Development and delivery of custom training programs for faculty and/or students

Badging/Certifications: Design and deliver custom badges and certificates for trainees

Learning Space Design

Space Design Assessment: Evaluation and analysis of campus learning spaces in preparation for renovations and updates

AV Classroom Installation: Installation of 21st century video classroom technology to improve the student learning experience

Virtual Chief Digital Learning Officer (vCDLO)

Offering high-quality digital and online learning is vital to the success of higher education institutions in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether digital learning experiences are developed for use within fully online courses or used to enhance traditional, in-person learning, effectively combining technology and pedagogy can give your institution a leg up on the competition.

A Chief Digital Learning Officer (CDLO) sits at the intersection of academics and technology, unting the institution’s educational mission, technological capabilities, and student support initiatives to develop and execute digital learning experiences designed to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Working collaboratively with stakeholders across the institution, the CDLO builds the strategy, budget, and team your institution needs to thrive in the future of higher education.

An Edge CDLO (vCDLO) works at the intersection of academics and technology to build your institution’s plan to succeed in digital learning. Bringing cross-disciplinary skills and experience to the table, an Edge vCDLO will:

  • Collaborate with executive leadership and advance the commitment to digital learning across the institution
  • Identify challenges and opportunities, and build a strategic plan for enhanced digital learning
  • Set budget priorities to achieve a strategic plan with CFO, Provost, and other members of the institution’s cabinet
  • Build and resource new digital learning programs and/or divisions to facilitate faculty and student success
  • Build change and project management capabilities to facilitate ongoing improvements to digital learning
  • Deliver a student-focused experience that leverages digital learning technologies and pedagogy to increase engagement and retention.

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Accessibility Compliance Support Services

For Edge and our members, the needs of each institutions’ community come first. To that end, Edge provides Accessibility Compliance Support Services for Digital Learning, to help our members ensure that the needs of differently abled members of their community are met on the web and in online or digitally-enabled learning environments. These services also aim to assist institutions in preparing for or developing remediation plans to respond to Office of Civil Rights (OCR) compliance audits.

By Joining Edge and using the consortium contract, Jackson Schools was able to leverage the RFP and the Edge issued for telephony and take full advantage of the pricing and services offered by CBTS.

Lincoln Mahabir

IT Lead/Technical Manager, Jackson School District K-12

Edge had the talent ready to go and could augment what we are already doing at Rowan. The Edge team quickly immersed themselves into our processes and was focused on meeting the needs of the University and moving our project forward.

Michael Ciocco

Assistant Vice President, Rowan Online

Through our partnership with Edge, we gained access to a diverse team of designers who were ready and available, allowing us to hit the ground running.

Michael Sunderhauf

Manager of Instructional Design, Rowan Online

Accelerate your digital learning efforts

Speak with one of our representatives for details about any of Edge’s Digital Learning & Collaboration solutions, which are available for consortium-based procurement as an entire solution suite or a la carte.