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Technology has the power to transform education and infuse classrooms and online courses with the digital tools necessary to expand student experiences, boost teaching capabilities, and improve learning outcomes. To help enhance an institution’s teaching-learning process and provide faculty, instructional designers, and technology support personnel with powerful tools, Edge has introduced EdgeLearn. EdgeLearn offers a suite of educational technologies, including learning management systems, Zoom video conferencing, partnerships with Ready Education, Google for Education and Microsoft Office 365, digital accessibility assessment tools, and a digital asset management system. Edge members will be able to select individual elements or bundle services through EdgeMarket, allowing each institution to customize solutions to meet their individual needs and budget.

Enhancing Digital Learning

Digital learning increases access to educational opportunities and improves teacher productivity and effectiveness. EdgeLearn tools will make mobile, hybrid, and digital learning possible—an important component in strengthening a student’s learning experience. Helping to expand an institution’s digital capabilities provides opportunities for anytime, anywhere learning, professional development for teachers, and individualized education to increase student engagement and retention. Additionally, EdgeLearn plans to further enhance the digital learning environment for members with learning analytics, online tutoring, EdgePro integration, and technical support services, as well as single sign-on and one-click file access. At the core of EdgeLearn is a commitment to helping institutions provide an exceptional educational experience to ensure college readiness and later prepare students to enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to be valuable members of the community.

Ready Education Partnership

In March 2019, Edge announced a strategic partnership with Ready Education to provide college students and faculty with academic, residential, and curricular information through a streamlined mobile platform. Ready Education offers recommendations to students based on their interests, sends notifications in real time, and creates a sense of community through a dedicated campus newsfeed. Designed to drive student outcomes with a personalized mobile experience, the Ready Education platform integrates seamlessly with current learning management systems and student information systems to improve student engagement across the institution and gather valuable data on their students’ experiences.

Google for Education Partnership

In cooperation with the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA), Edge became a Google Education Partner, providing member institutions access to a variety of Google digital tools to host and distribute digital documents, communications, and collaborations via cloud-based technology. Teachers interested in developing virtual classes, inspiring discussions with their students, tracking document revisions, and aligning curriculum across numerous schools can take advantage of Google for Education. From K-12 to higher education, institutions can use Google tools and resources to help students advance in a rapidly changing world and reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond.

Edge members can take advantage of existing contracts and strategic partnerships, like those with Ready Education and Google for Education, to gain access to current technologies at an affordable price and speed the procurement and implementation process. EdgeLearn will continue to add solutions that enhance the teaching-learning process, promote learning autonomy, and allow the classroom to be a strong starting point for lifelong learning.

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