To ease the burden of the procurement process and speed our members’ time to implementation and innovation, EdgeMarket enables NJEdge to deliver consortium purchasing agreements to members. With EdgeMarket, members gain access to current technologies at an affordable price focused on delivering optimum value.

EdgeMarket is at the core of every technology service, product and solution NJEdge provides to its members in public and private education institutions, state and local government, healthcare providers, and nonprofits. With time and resources stretched, NJEdge members find value in EdgeMarket because it minimizes the amount of effort required to research, analyze, and procure essential tools through three purchase methods:

  1. Lead Agency Status – Education Services Corporation
  2. Cooperative Pricing System
  3. Shared Services Agreement with NJSBA

EdgeMarket is your solutions and services “easy button,” enabling you to quickly and affordably procure directly with NJEdge and our authorized partners. We invite you to explore our entire Technology Solutions Portfolio to gain an understanding of available product and service offerings, familiarize yourself with our strategic partnerships, and review areas of need for your organization or institution.

To determine which purchase method works best, the following Legend will help guide your way:

Lead Agency Status

Cooperative Pricing System

Shared Services Agreement

Lead Agency Status – Education Services Corporation

As a state authorized Education Services Corporation, NJEdge holds Lead Agency status. Under this designation, NJEdge has issued RFPs and negotiated pricing contracts for strategic partnerships on behalf of our membership, enabling members to obtain products that are in high demand at the most cost-competitive pricing available.

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Cooperative Pricing System

NJEdge holds designation as a Cooperative Pricing System (DCA #269EMCP) as approved by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) in 2018. This designation enables NJEdge to issue RFPs on behalf of the entire public sector community in New Jersey and beyond, in addition to NJEdge’s current membership. Moving forward, all RFPs will be issued via our Cooperative Pricing System status and made accessible to existing members and the wider community.

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Shared Services Agreement with NJSBA

NJEdge and the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA),
a federation of the state’s local school districts, entered into an agreement to offer advanced technology solutions and services on a shared-service basis to New Jersey’s public schools. This agreement delivers greater economies of scale for our entire membership, streamlines the purchasing process for K-12 schools, and serves
as the basis for an exciting new K-20 approach to essential technologies within the state.

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Today, all of our members can take advantage of these existing contracts and strategic partnerships to speed the procurement process and shorten the time to implementation for advanced technology solutions, including:


Easier, smarter, faster services procurement.
EdgeMarket delivers.

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