Building capacity and efficiency in tandem is a difficult task but made easier with:

NJEdge understands the challenge of transitioning and transforming the enterprise while maintaining quality technical operations.

Solutions in EdgePro have been designed to address difficult and expensive challenges:

  • ERP/SIS migrations
  • Off-hour and weekend tech support
  • Inbound and outbound call center
  • Technology evaluations and planning
  • Educational technologies and learning management systems
  • Marketing and Enrollment Management
  • Virtual CIO and CISO

With EdgePro, we embrace our core commitment to deliver persistent value to our members with strategic alliances to help them thrive and grow amid the constant change that accompanies a world driven by information and disruptive technologies. For example, partnerships with Blackboard and others enable NJEdge members to achieve operational efficiency while providing the highest levels of end-user support 24/7/365, resources to overcome technological challenges, tools to improve enrollment yields and programs to increase student retention rates.

Professional services on demand: EdgePro

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