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Archived Webinar: Cybersecurity Awareness & Best Practices in Response to the Increase in Remote Work

With the rapid increase working, teaching, and learning remotely in response to COVID-19, it’s important to keep cybersecurity in mind. Trends worldwide already show bad actors trying to make use of the pandemic to their own ends, as users adjust to new devices and new methods of accessing the information they need. Users will continue to see attacks focused around the pandemic and the fear it’s creating, including increased phishing campaigns, fake apps, ransomware from APT’s, and other exploitations of remote or work-from-home based attacks. 

View this webinar to learn about best practices, additional resources, and steps you can take to protect your institution and increase cybersecurity awareness amid the explosion of remote work. We’ll also include time for an active discussion among attendees to discuss policies and procedures you’ve put in place, lessons learned, and how we can help each other improve security during this difficult time.

Archived Webinar