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Edge’s 2021-2024 Strategic Plan includes four major pillars of progress that feature financial performance, membership value, internal processes, and organizational capacity. Working to mature the Edge organization, we understand that the future of research and discovery is a connected and networked business. Edge will consistently strive to maintain and advance its prominence as a committed and capable research partner. Moreover, we understand that the post-pandemic world is evolving into the “next normal” and also changing in response to the fourth industrial revolution’s impact on education, government, and healthcare. Digital Transformation (Dx) is now a success imperative for our member institutions and organizations; thus Edge will strive to serve as a catalyst and collaborator for Dx.

Edge’s pursuit of sustainable and affordable technology products, services, and solutions as a center of excellence will continue to evolve in support of the common good. Leveraging Edge’s last three years of success in building a supply chain model for procurement and making available solutions that support the entirety of the business lifecycle, these programs remain continuing strategies with new objectives in this Plan. Evolution of shared-services, subscription and team-based services, and e-procurement are represented as Plan outcomes and will work in concert with Edge’s efforts to broaden its reach and impact among a growing list of member institutions and organizations.

Finally, Edge will continue in its pursuit of providing insight and business intelligence by ensuring that its members are informed and aware of the national conversations regarding repositioning and reinforcing the role of information technology leadership as an integrated strategic partner of institutional leadership in supporting institutional mission and vision. Considering the future of education, government, and healthcare and the need for transformation and business continuity, remote working, teaching, and learning, and potential for disruption from catastrophic events, Edge’s 2021-2024 Strategic Plan ascribes to this future vision in continuing to build in concert with the needs of its constituents. Please give it a read at