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Serving as Edge’s primary brand statement and central repository of information in how we communicate with current and future members, our web site remains a critical component in how we communicate our value proposition. Moreover, Edge’s website is a statement of culture, mission, vision, and attitude of service to our membership. As we utilize our web site to tell our story, the need for improved navigation, messaging, visuals, and taxonomy all combine to support our evolving story. Over the past four years, since the launch of Edge’s second generation website, much has changed. The Edge organization has built on success and has expanded service offerings through a technology solutions center approach. We’ve strengthened our abilities to effect economies of scale in procurement, serve as fiduciary for affiliated organizations, drive economic advancement, and serve as a national model of excellence for research and education networking and computing.

This year Edge unveiled its third generation website to represent the current evolutions, maturities, and successes in achieving thought leading solutions for digital transformation in higher education, government, and healthcare. The soft launch of Edge’s new web site has organically accelerated as positive feedback and affirmation has continued in the state and region. As the regions’ nonprofit technology partner, Edge is excited to tell its story and represent and evolving brand that validates a twenty-year journey from the last century to today. Our new website captures our heritage and also expresses our future. As we look forward to the next four years and the accomplishment of our next Strategic Plan, our web site will serve as a critically important asset in how we communicate with our members and the world.

We invite you to explore Edge’s new web presence.