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Serving as the region’s non-profit technology partner, Edge understands the unique needs of and challenges encountered by K-12 school districts and works closely with its K-12 members to foster and advance digital transformation.

In accord with other nationally known research and education networks (RENs), Edge has established a value proposition and reputation for thought leadership in repositioning and reinforcing the role of information technology strategy as a trusted partner to enterprise leadership in advancing institutional missions and visions. Edge, proven to perform in advancing the agendas of digital transformation, accommodates such demand through delivery of products, services, and solutions in cybersecurity, privacy, sustainable funding and cost models, digital integrations and connections, student-centric ecologies, process improvement through system re-engineering, and support for and advancement of information technology strategic leaders.

In an era of change on a global scale, K-12 institutions are challenged to keep pace with new ways of working, teaching, and learning. Building on what is now its sixth- generation design, Edge’s optical fiber network operates with world-class performance, efficiency, and security to deliver unrestricted broadband for RENs, as well as other public and private organizations. Complementing Edge’s network offering are various solutions and services, that have evolved to meet K-12 membership needs.

Edge Supports K-12 School Districts with the following Solutions and Services:

Advanced Network Services and Applications 

  • Advanced networks, services, and tools purpose-built for the unique needs of school districts. 
  • No-cost IP addresses and domain name services. 
  • 24/7/365 local technical support for network support, engineering, design and professional consulting services. 
  • Consulting expertise to tunnel and connect from district to district to create a private, secure statewide area network.
  • Strong fiber infrastructure to provide scalable and resilient data sharing and communications across the board for video, audio, testing, collaboration and more.
  • Technical expertise for an increasingly digital classroom requiring wireless and mobility support. 
  • Leading IT solutions and equipment with the collaborative benefits of discounted rates and other cost saving efficiencies. 
  • Managing complex software license agreements to maximize application capabilities.

Powerful Community and Collaboration 

  • National educational program content through partners like Internet2. 
  • Complementary educational and professional development opportunities for educators in the form of annual meetings, conferences, advisory councils, communities of practice and more.
  • E-Rate program expertise, consulting, and consortia filing to empower districts to make the best internet access value decision. 
  • Shared investment in the student to IT professional pipeline with certificate and real world industry program opportunities. 
  • Strong relationships with the state government to elevate district needs to top decision makers. 
  • Empowering districts with seamless engagement solutions integration – such as video conferencing and desktop virtualization – for the ever-evolving digital classroom.

Network Security

  • Industry expertise and resources for internet filtering and monitoring to conform to state and federal requirements keeping districts CIPA-compliant and safe. 
  • Real-time, cloud-based web filtering, scanning and monitoring to gain full visibility into students’ online activity. 
  • Advanced end-to-end student safety solutions for digital devices in the classroom supporting above and beyond safety standards.
  • Access to vulnerability prioritization and risk reduction tools to help achieve time savings and mitigate need for multiple software products. 
  • Professional cybersecurity consulting services catered to K-12 needs.
  • Risk reduction and time savings with industry leading vulnerability scanning and assessment management  tools. 
  • Comprehensive infrastructure, support and tools for K-12 user access and management.

Discover why over 100 school districts and Boards of Education engage with Edge to support K-12 institutions. Contact Michelle Ferraro or Erin Brink, Edge Member Account Managers, via