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Newark, NJ, January 23, 2020 – Edge, the region’s nonprofit research and education network and technology partner, now provides dedicated network services for esports environments via EdgeNet. These services are Edge’s answer to the ultra high-speed network requirements for esports performance, delivered through dedicated network segmentation which ensures participants will have the gaming bandwidth they need to compete effectively.

EdgeNet’s purpose-built, high-performance network is designed to meet the unique requirements of Edge members in higher education, K-12, healthcare, and government. With the rapid growth of esports programs in the education market, EdgeNet is ideally positioned to meet those needs. High bandwidth and reliable connectivity are the technical foundation for esports success, preventing the dreaded “lag” which can degrade the experience. Dedicated gaming network connections via EdgeNet enable consistent high speed performance while removing the uncertainty of the “best effort” services of the commodity internet.

In addition to lightning fast networking, Edge’s esports connectivity also provides the advantage of direct peering connections to premier gaming providers including Twitch, Sony Playstation, Blizzard, Valve, Riot Games, and more. With these peering connections, EdgeNet moves subscribers’ esports traffic off the commodity internet, connecting members directly with gaming platforms, further accelerating performance. The network also includes built-in DDoS mitigation to prevent denial of service attacks from outside EdgeNet at game time.

“Esports are exploding in education right now as many schools are seeing positive effects in student life, student recruitment, and enhanced reputations from successful esports programs,” said Bruce Tyrrell, Associate Vice President, Programs and Services at Edge. “Whether those programs are being set up as clubs, on-campus activities, or full fledged varsity sports, dedicated network service and high speed connectivity are essential. EdgeNet’s esports service delivers the best possible performance and peace of mind that the institution’s gaming platforms don’t need to compete for network resources. As a result, institutional personnel can focus their attention on the strategy and business drivers propelling esports forward rather than the technical nuts and bolts.”

Esports connections via EdgeNet also directly connect all network subscribers to each other, which further improves the experience for participants competing at geographic locations across the EdgeNet landscape.