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Zoom Video Communications
A video platform for online learning collaboration, virtual office hours, and administrative meetings. (For K-12 districts using Zoom Basic licenses, you can use this form to request removal of the 40-minute meeting time limit.)

Desktop Virtualization
Leverage our relationships with AWS and/or VMware to provide users with the same working experience they expect in the office or the classroom, delivered via cloud-based desktops.

Instructional Technology as a Service
In the 21st century, high-quality learning not only utilizes technology, but demands it. The science of instructional technology is not just about finding a tool to meet an immediate need, but understanding how educational or instructional technology tools fit together to meet the learning outcomes set forth by faculty, administration, and instructional designers. The EdgePro team works with your staff to not only identify what tools can meet your technical needs, but how they can be used to facilitate learning and advance the academic mission and vision of your institution.

Instructional Design as a Service
There is far more to building online courses and programs than simply digitizing the content originally built for in person instruction. Quality online learning demands meticulous design, development, and revision of engaging and interactive online, blended, or face-to-face courses. The EdgePro team provides the pedagogical expertise to collaborate with your faculty and subject matter experts to create meaningful learning experiences for students through the creation, conversion, or expansion of online courses and programs.

Virtual Student Services One Stop
To prepare for the influx of demand on student services (administration, registrar, finance, etc.), access virtual resources to extend your existing administrative resources.

Edge Professional Services
Our team brings 120+ years of executive and IT/CIO experience to the table on behalf of our members. The Edge Professional Services team can assist with the development of, or add a second set of eyes to review, a business continuity and online learning/remote work action plan.

Online Learning Business & Financial Modeling
Online programs built on even the best instructional and design models can fail if not properly supported by effective business models and planning. The business of online learning depends on a detailed understanding and analysis of enrollment projections, optimal credit hours to be offered, cohort planning and scaling strategy, expense planning for instructors, supporting staff, and technology, and effective processes for the rollout and adoption of technology platforms. The EdgePro team consults with your staff to assess and optimize business strategies related to online learning goals.

Virtual IT Help Desk Resources
To prepare for the influx of service calls generated by remote work and online learning, access virtual resources to extend your existing help desk team.

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