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Edge’s Women Leaders in Technology Professional Network is an important and purposeful way to help inspire women and create a supportive environment for growth throughout their professional journeys.

Dr. Merodie A. Hancock

President, Thomas Edison State University

Edge is a leader in the field of digital transformation and provides CCM, and many more colleges and universities, with the resources needed to succeed in that endeavor.

Rob Stirton

Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Chief Information Officer, County College of Morris

My hat is off to Dr. Forough Ghahramani for having the vision and insight to bring together people from different institutions to lead collaborations between universities and the State. By doing so, we’ll gain a collective understanding of group economic development and important technologies — driving success for all.

Dr. Jack Brassil

Senior Director of Advanced CyberInfrastructure, Office of the Vice President for Information Technology, Senior Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science, Princeton University

Edge is a valuable resource for not just industry partners, but more importantly networking, experience sharing, collaborations, and recognizing the educational industry as a complex industry that does not work in discrete areas, but as a cohesive entity.

Dr. Shelley Kurland

Dean of the Virtual Campus at the County College of Morris

Edge is an organization that engages the education community. I encourage the member community to explore the large portfolio of Edge solutions available; each has been fully vetted and you can be confident they are good, reliable products and services.

Dr. Maris Lown

Vice President, Academic Affairs Division, Union County College

Edge has provided access to real data that comes from a real network in close to real time. The server access granted by Edge will be an incredible resource for both academics and research.

Dr. David Belanger

Senior Lecturer, Stevens Institute of Technology

Edge's annual conference, EdgeCon brings together all those who are working to do the necessary steps to ensure our research universities, community colleges, vocational schools, and K-12 institutions are interconnected.

Andrew Zwicker

16th Legislative District Representative, New Jersey General Assembly, Head of Communications and Public Outreach Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Laboratory

Edge aims to find collaborative partners where there is energy to make us all stronger, as well as be forward-thinkers in how we operate.

Dr. Sue Henderson

President, New Jersey City University (NJCU)

With Edge as a central piece, tying together Rutgers and Princeton’s research networks will be much easier and we can ensure the enterprise network on our campuses is kept separate from the research network—allowing more cutting-edge discovery and innovation.

Dr. James (Barr) von Oehsen

Vice President for Office of Advanced Research Computing, Rutgers University

Edge is excellent at identifying member needs and has often reached out to me to see if I can help offer solutions or insight, I’m very excited as Edge expands their involvement into the research community.

Florence D. Hudson

Executive Director of the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub (Northeast Hub)

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Safeguard Your Enterprise With Confidence

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