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NEWARK, New Jersey, December 11, 2023To expand knowledge access, community, and practice in the digital learning space, Edge in collaboration with Neumann University launches the Mid-Atlantic Digital Learning Colleges & Universities Affinity Group.

The genesis of the idea for the group derived through a partnership with Alexandra Salas, Vice President for Digital Learning & Innovation at Neumann University. The inaugural meeting, held November 28, 2023, drew digital learning leaders from representatives of institutions from three states, including Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Vital topics of discussion included:

  • Organizational structure of instructional design offices
  • Quality assurance frameworks
  • The role of AI in instructional design and education
“Having an affinity group where four year institutions in the Mid-Atlantic area can have a platform where we can engage, share, find common ground, and discuss our collective differences, and our challenges will in terms of growth opportunities and troubleshooting and to figure out new ways of staying relevant in higher ed.”
— Alexandra Salas
Vice President for Digital Learning & Innovation
Neumann University

Elaborated, Joshua Gaul, Associate Vice President & Chief Digital Learning Officer, Edge, “This affinity group is a great opportunity to connect with colleagues to share ideas and build relationships. I love connecting with people I know and don’t know to talk about trends, struggles, and any other current topics in our field. Having intelligent discussions with intelligent people is something I will always welcome! We are off to a great start – I can’t wait to grow it more!”

Mid-Atlantic Digital Learning Colleges & Universities Affinity Group member Dr. Earl W. Brieger, Chief Online Learning Officer, Gannon University added, “Our new affinity group is important to help the members consider new approaches to instructional design that promote student engagement and meaningful interactions.” Continued Dr. Brieger, “In higher education, a dedicated group focused on instructional design, pedagogy, and compliance plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of our institutions’ online learning experiences. By leveraging our pedagogical expertise and knowledge of innovative technology, this new group helps ensure the development of engaging and effective online instruction, fostering student success and promoting a culture of continuous improvement in teaching methodologies.”

“Participating in the Mid-Atlantic Digital Learning Colleges & Universities Affinity Group broadens perspectives by incorporating diverse experiences and approaches from across the region. It complements similar in-state groups focusing on localized challenges. The initial meeting quickly showed that we are all experiencing similar challenges and can share solutions.”
— Dr. Ron Hansen
Director of Instructional Systems, Innovation, Learning, and Effectiveness
Chesapeake College

Mid-Atlantic Digital Learning Colleges & Universities Affinity Group meetings will be held virtually monthly, along with plans for future in-person meetings. All digital learning practitioners and/or support personnel from throughout the region are encouraged to attend. To join the Mid-Atlantic Digital Learning Colleges & Universities Affinity Group, complete the short form HERE »