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Dear Valued Members,

Due to recent events at VMware since its acquisition by Broadcom, including reported layoffs and subsequent changes to operational dynamics, Edge would like to assure our esteemed members of our unflinching commitment to service continuity and excellence.

Industry shifts may cause uncertainty regarding the availability and quality of solutions and services you rely on. Be assured that our primary objective is to ensure these changes have minimal repercussions for your ability to serve your constituency.

Edge will proactively engage all our stakeholders over the coming months in gathering detailed requirements to gain a thorough understanding of your individual needs and expectations, which will serve as an integral component in shaping our strategic approach and communications with VMware and its affiliates.

As part of our ongoing partnership with VMware, we are fully dedicated to meeting your requirements in an effective manner. This involves not only maintaining quality and reliability of current offerings but also exploring any opportunities these changes might present.

Additionally, we will closely track and adjust our EdgeMarket cooperative pricing portfolio in response to this transformation, so that you continue to benefit from competitive and equitable pricing structures and options.

Edge wants to reassure you that we are fully prepared to assist you as you navigate these changes while upholding your best interests. Our team is dedicated to delivering continuous and high-quality service, and we have full confidence in their ability to assist you as you efficiently manage any impact this transition may have upon your operations and decisions.

Your input and participation are vital components to this process, and we encourage you to reach out with any concerns, queries, or requests. Our team is here for you every step of the way!

Edge appreciates your trust and looks forward to serving you with excellence and integrity.


Christopher R. Markham, Ph.D.(c)
Executive Vice President
Edge (NJEdge)