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NEWARK, NJ, June 30, 2022 Following a long and respected career as a technology leader, career educator, and Chief Information Officer, Edge’s Edward Chapel, Ph.D., Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, has announced his retirement. Joining Edge in 2014, Dr. Chapel has been instrumental in shaping the organization into the dynamic technology consortium and collaborative ecosystem that is seen today.

Dr. Chapel’s commitment to active collaboration with industry partners, peer organizations, and Edge members has served as a key driver in the advancement of operational effectiveness and strategic objectives of its member organizations. “Ed’s dedication to Edge’s shared services consortium approach and advancing professional development through the Edge Communities of Practice has enabled New Jersey’s education, healthcare, governmental, and corporate enterprises to thrive and grow,” said Samuel Conn, Ph.D., President & Chief Executive Officer, Edge. “Specifically, Ed’s leadership helped enhance our core network, EdgeNet, and create the superior, purpose-built network that we proudly provide to our members today.”

As an Associate Vice President and CIO at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and later as the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at Montclair State University, Dr. Chapel made a lasting impact through his development and implementation of long-range technology strategies, his alignment of academic and administrative computing agendas, and his inspirational leadership of the institutions’ IT and research professionals. Before joining Edge, Dr. Chapel played an important role in forming Edge’s initial bylaws as part of their Network Advisory Board.

“Ed is a strategic and creative thinker with incredible insight into the role that technology plays in higher education,” said Edge Board of Trustees Executive Committee member, long-time friend and colleague Neal Sturm, Vice-President and CIO at Fairleigh Dickinson University. “He understands the importance of healthy, strategic relationships, whether it is between vendors, peers, or the members he supports. His highly collaborative approach to any project or challenge is inspirational to everyone around him and I have enjoyed being a part of his personal and professional journey.”

“The entire team at Edge extends our deepest appreciation to Ed as he enters retirement,” said Conn. “We honor his many years of esteemed leadership, professional acumen, strategic vision, and commitment to help those around him to excel. We hope his years ahead will be filled with the rich rewards of joy and fulfillment he so greatly deserves.”