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NEWARK, NJ, February 12, 2024 – Edge’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, Dr. Dawn Dunkerley, and colleague Evan Abramson, Director of Technology and Innovation, Morris-Union Jointure Commission, presented to a packed room during their presentation at TECHSPO® ’24. Titled Decoding the Digital Playground: Unraveling Cybersecurity and AI in the K-12 Landscape, the session focused on the critical role of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s K-12 education system. Evan and Dawn explored simple yet effective strategies to safeguard digital classrooms while integrating AI for enhanced learning. 

“From protecting student data to fostering innovative learning methods, the aim with the session was to demystify these technological aspects of cybersecurity and AI , making them accessible and understandable for educators, administrators, and parents alike.”
— Dr. Dawn Dunkerley
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Hosted by the New Jersey Association of School Administrators Education & Research Foundation, TECHSPO® ’24 took place Wednesday, January 24, 2024 at Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center, Atlantic City, NJ.  Widely known as New Jersey’s premier educational technology training and exhibition conference for school leaders, the three day event featured 85+ well-planned and practiced workshops, an exhibition showcasing the latest tools and best resources available in education, and provided opportunities to meet and network with colleagues.

Shared Edge’s Member Engagement Team, Michelle Ferraro and Erin Brink, “Techspo is an important event for Edge because it represents an opportunity to connect with the K-12 community, learn about their challenges and goals and, subsequently, determine how best to support their educational technology training needs.” 

To learn more about Edge’s commitment to K-12, visit, or to connect with the Member Engagement Team to solve your organization’s most pressing challenges, connect with Michelle or Erin. 

About Edge

Edge serves as a member-owned, nonprofit provider of high performance optical fiber networking and internetworking, Internet2, and a vast array of best-in-class technology solutions for cybersecurity, educational technologies, cloud computing, and professional managed services. Edge provides these solutions to colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, government entities, hospital networks and nonprofit business entities as part of a membership-based consortium. Edge’s membership spans the northeast, along with a growing list of EdgeMarket participants nationwide. Edge’s common good mission ensures success by empowering members for digital transformation with affordable, reliable and thought-leading purpose-built, advanced connectivity, technologies and services.