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Cyber attacks on education and the public sector continue to rise. Effective cyber leadership and actionable information can help your organization stay one step ahead of hackers, prevent costly cyberattacks, and stay out of the news.

An Edge Virtual Chief Information Security Officer provides:

  • Bonafide executive cybersecurity leadership at affordable nonprofit rates
  • The expertise to mitigate current and emerging cyber risks
  • Data privacy and compliance expertise to meet regulatory standards
  • A flexible subscription model, starting at a few hours of service per month to meet your customized needs

Our vCISO team also provides cybersecurity assessments at the same affordable nonprofit rates. Our assessments:

  • Identify and prioritize existing vulnerabilities in your system
  • Provide a pathway for cybersecurity improvement based on NIST standards
  • Scan your network and the dark web for emerging threats to your institution

Many Edge members already take advantage of our cybersecurity portfolio, including:

Ready to improve your cybersecurity readiness with an affordable, nonprofit partner? Contact Edge at today!