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Dedicated to providing the education and public sector communities with contract vehicles that are safe, simple, and smart, EdgeMarket generates “audit-proof” procurement results that provide organizations with needed solutions quickly and efficiently. Further building upon EdgeMarket’s goal of helping to accelerate procurement and technology onboarding, Edge set out to create a centralized catalog of a vast array of in-demand solutions and trusted partners. Edge developed the Technology Contract for Hardware and Software (TeCHS) through the public-bid process in New Jersey, resulting in a contract that looked to create one of the most comprehensive technology and services purchase vehicles available in the U.S. The RFP was awarded to SHI International Corp., and now organizations can access a vast catalog of product offerings, including End User Compute (EUC) solutions (desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, etc.), Data Center solutions (servers, storage, and networking), Security solutions (Physical and Cybersecurity) & Cloud (IAAS, SAAS, etc.), software licensing, classroom furniture, and personal protective equipment (PPE); all at nationally competitive pricing.

Founded in 1989 and located in New Jersey, SHI helps organizations around the globe to achieve their business and technology goals through integrated solutions, services, and support. SHI is the largest Minority Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in the United States, with over five thousand employees worldwide. Led by strong leaders who serve as company stewards, including Thai Lee, President and CEO, and Denise Verdicchio, Senior Vice President, Public Sector, SHI is a procurement powerhouse and has been under the same ownership since its inception. Supporting ten million end users, SHI is dedicated to helping customers select, deploy, and manage technology that is best suited for their IT environment and meets their business needs. Dominick Fama, District Manager, NJ/PA/DE Education, SHI International Corp., became affiliated with Edge in 2016, working as an account executive supporting Edge members. At an SHI/EDGE business review, Fama was introduced to Edge’s Dan Miller, Associate Vice President EdgeMarket, and by then-Edge Chief Financial Officer, Joe Rearden. Subsequently, through their ongoing discussions, they identified a strong need for an affordable and simplified technology solutions procurement vehicle that Edge members could leverage to solve their business challenges and needs through the use of intelligent IT.

Addressing Diverse Needs
The TeCHS catalog, administered by SHI, provides an all-encompassing solution that makes thousands of trusted technology partners and solutions available for streamlined cooperative procurement. “In responding to the RFP, our team wanted to make our entire catalog of products and services available for public procurement; creating a true one-stop shop that could aggregate spending, save time, and help increase the speed of projects,” says Michael D. Esolda, National Senior Director Government and Education Affairs, SHI International Corp. “Whether an organization needs End User Compute, Data Center, Security or Cloud Services, they can access our comprehensive catalog through EdgeMarket for easy quoting and ordering. Plus, by aligning customers with in-state co-op contracts, any dollars spent stay within New Jersey and help benefit the community.” Fama adds, “Along with day-to-day business goals, SHI also looked to address health and safety needs that arose during the pandemic. The TeCHS contract helps to fill in any gaps and offers a solutions catalog that is conveniently organized into categories so organizations can find what they need quickly and easily.”

As K-12 schools and institutions of higher education continue to navigate a new frontier of teaching and learning, both people and learning spaces must adapt. “Bringing students, teachers, and administrators back to campus in a safe and secure environment was everyone’s top priority,” says Esolda. “Now, many institutions are determining how to continue offering hybrid and distance learning going forward and updating their classrooms to fit these new methods and requirements. The TeCHS contract offers a variety of technology solutions to meet these needs, as well as physical safety and security options, professional development, collaboration & IP telephony, and furniture designed for esports, STEM spaces, adaptive technology, and collaborative classrooms.”

The SHI TeCHS Catalog Through EdgeMarket Provides Streamlined Access to:

Systems (i.e. Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Chromebooks, Servers, etc.)  |  Input Devices  |  Output Devices
Memory  |  Storage  |  Networking  |  Software  |  Media Supplies  |  Collaboration & IP Telephony
Furniture  |  Health and Safety  |  Cloud  |  Security  |  Training and Professional Development  |  Training As A Service

Helping Organizations Evolve and Grow
Created to meet the demands of the modern classroom and device management, the TeCHS catalog empowers organizations to build resiliency and adapt to changing times. “Our commitment to Edge goes beyond providing a product and services catalog to organizations,” says Fama. “As a strategic partner of Edge, our engineering staff and services division look to align with organizations’ needs and continue to understand the vision of their members and how we can better support their short- and long-term business goals and objectives through the use of IT.”

In addition, SHI has established partnerships with grant-based organizations and lobbying firms to help address the funding needs of local institutions. “Many government entities and education institutions need funds to procure technology,” says Esolda. “We help identify grants and federal funding and assistance and can provide organizations with necessary guidance and pre-sales support. Like Edge, SHI is ingrained in New Jersey and the tristate area, and our partners are members of the community. It’s also important to note that SHI has a national presence dedicated to supporting the needs of communities and organizations around the country. We’re excited about what the SHI TeCHS catalog can offer to organizations and how this streamlined solution can help accelerate the time it takes from ideation to delivery—allowing technology to make a more rapid and extraordinary impact.”

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