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TCNJ’s Transition to the Cloud: Practical Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Recording

IT departments are asked to balance the demands of keeping the lights on, security and risk mitigation, and innovating for the future, all while working within shrinking budgets. 

An effective cloud strategy can meet all of these challenges while providing enhanced capabilities to enable business continuity and improve IT performance. In this session, you’ll learn how you can leverage existing investment and expertise in virtualization to accelerate a transition to the cloud, build a cloud-based business continuity plan, and generate positive ROI in the process.

This session will feature the team at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), who will share their journey to the cloud. TCNJ is leveraging VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS to modernize their disaster recovery and business continuity approach. You’ll learn how TCNJ:

  • Identified the need to modernize their disaster recovery/business continuity approach
  • Leveraged VMC on AWS to make use of existing VMware investment
  • Retired an on-site backup datacenter, which they anticipate will save over $200k per year in operating expenses in addition to alleviating the need for future hardware refreshes