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Municipalities and K-12 school districts have more pressure to meet cybersecurity requirements than ever. Cyber threats to the public sector continue to accelerate, and finding affordable, comprehensive cybersecurity insurance is becoming more and more difficult. As public sector organizations turn to local and statewide Joint Insurance Funds (JIFs), it is vital to understand the funds’ requirements, to ensure that your organization has an effective cybersecurity posture and the ability to be covered in the event of a breach.

In this session, Edge’s lead Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, Dr. Dawn Dunkerley, will outline:

  • Steps every municipality and K-12 district can take to be more attractive to cyber insurance providers in general
  • Common cybersecurity requirements of JIFs, with a particular focus on the emerging requirements of NJ MEL
  • How your organization can uncover and prioritize its most pressing cybersecurity needs
  • How a nonprofit vCISO provider like Edge can align with your mission, and work with your team to maximize the impact and affordability of your cybersecurity efforts

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