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Virtualized technology infrastructure sits at the heart of modernization and digital transformation for education and public sector institutions. With the essential role virtualization plays for IT and organizational strategy, it’s vital for your VMware solutions to perform at their best. How can you be sure your VMware infrastructure is optimized and well-positioned to serve your organization’s current and future goals?

A VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM) serves as an advocate and advisor, to equip your organization with proven methodologies and exclusive tools to keep your VMware initiatives on track. In this session, you’ll learn how your organization can access a TAM at steeply discounted rates via the Edge agreement, to support initiatives including:

  • Optimization assessments to realize cost savings on current VMware implementations
  • Strategy development to take advantage of new VMware licensing models and programs
  • Improved cybersecurity, resiliency, and efficiency of virtualized environments
  • Acceleration of cloud initiatives based on current VMware investments
  • Roadmap development to achieve future technology goals

Additionally, you’ll hear from public sector VMware users who’ve taken advantage of the TAM program to optimize their deployments, enhance security, and plan for the future.


  • Jamal Encami, Milwaukee Police Department
  • Jason Weaver, State of Michigan
  • Kam Chan, Technical Account Manager, VMware
  • Bob Johnston, Technical Account Manager, VMware

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