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NEWARK, NJ, January 26, 2022 – To continue to meet the ever-changing needs of the education community and provide member institutions with the tools they need for powerful teaching and learning experiences, Edge has expanded their Digital Learning and Collaboration solution, EdgeLearn.

Driven by a rapid growth in digital learning in 2020, Edge looked for new ways to help institutions accelerate their online learning capabilities that integrated instructional design best practices and addressed the unique needs of their students, faculty, and staff. “At the beginning of the pandemic, many institutions were seeking assistance with faculty and student development in digital learning and needed to move online quickly at a very unexpected time,” explains Josh Gaul, Edge’s Associate Vice President and Chief Digital Learning Officer. “To help ease this transition, we expanded our suite of technology solutions, and now have integrated these professional services into our EdgeLearn solution. Institutions can partner with our seasoned experts to gain guidance on instructional design, course evaluation, learning space design, or creating a plan to achieve their digital transformation goals.”

Edge’s team of highly skilled instructional designers are based throughout the U.S., and bring a unique perspective to the online learning experience. “Often by building programs remotely, you gain important insight into how to create an optimal student experience,” says Gaul. “Additionally, our experts can augment an organization’s existing team in a valuable and cost-effective way, eliminating the need to hire a full-time staff member. With diverse skills and experience, our team can expand the reach of an institution and help bring their digital learning initiatives to life.”

Edge can also provide organizations with a Virtual Chief Digital Learning Officer (vCDLO) who can help unite the educational mission across online and traditional programs. “An Edge vCDLO acts as a bridge between technology infrastructure and academics,” shares Gaul. “By partnering with leadership, a vCDLO helps create a digital learning strategy that supports your institutional mission, drives student success, and creates a roadmap for future growth. We provide intelligent ways to use financial and human resources to advance online learning, while maintaining the quality of face-to-face education.”

As the world of online, hyflex, and hybrid learning evolves, Edge will continue to shape EdgeLearn to help member institutions successfully meet the needs of their faculty and students. With partnerships also continuing to expand beyond New Jersey, Edge looks to further build a collaborative community of experts whose unique experiences and skill sets can benefit member institutions on their digital learning journeys.

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