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December 4, 2021 – Edge, the region’s nonprofit research and education network and technology partner, has announced new Data Analytics Services designed to advance its members’ institutional goals and promote student success. 

Offered via its EdgeDx solution center, Edge’s Data Analytics Services go beyond traditional institutional research to enable Edge member organizations to use data to drive enrollment strategy, increase retention, boost degree completion, and develop personalized interventions to improve student success. The services enable institutions to organize the multitude of data points that exist across campus, regularly provide useful reporting to functional offices and decision makers, build a data-informed culture, and develop timely interventions at the student level to improve student success.

“Data is the new oil in our digital economy, and institutions need to capitalize and benefit from this opportunity. The appropriate knowledge, skill, ability, and effort; provided as a service by Edge through its non-profit model, will help them arrive there quickly and effectively.” said Christopher Markham, Vice President for Information Technology and Economic Advancement at Edge. Further explained Markham, “Without true data transformation, institutions struggle in quality and efficiency in their effort to reach stated goals and objectives. EdgeDx Data Analytics Services will accelerate their ability to succeed.”

The EdgeDx Data Analytics solution offering includes the following services:

  • Data Definition Documentation – It is vital to define data values in a unified way as the basis for cohesive decision making. Edge experts work with your functional offices to define data uniformly across campus.
  • Automated Data Reporting – Key decision makers need access to the right data at the right time. The Edge team will work with your functional offices to build relevant reports, and provide access to data for the people who need it most in an automated system. 
  • Student Success Intervention – Effective use of data leads to improved success for every student. Edge experts work with your team to build triggers and prescribed actions for intervention with individual students at the right time throughout the student lifecycle.
  • Self Service “Data-on-Demand”– What happens when key decision makers need data in a timeframe that doesn’t align with regular reports? The Edge team will build the reporting functions and provide data education so that your functional offices can generate reports to be informed by data-on-demand.

Existing Edge members and other institutions interested in utilizing EdgeDx Data Analytics Services are encouraged to contact Edge at