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NEWARK, NJ, November 3, 2022 Edge is pleased to announce that Assistant Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Sponsored Programs, Dr. Forough Ghahramani, has been invited to join the the Women In IT Networking at SC (WINS) Advisory Committee and will serve as the Founding Chair of the Committee.

The WINS program was developed as a means for addressing the prevalent gender gap that exists in Information Technology (IT) particularly in the fields of network engineering and high performance computing (HPC). The program provides mentorship and travel funding for up to five talented early to mid-career women from diverse regions of the U.S. research and education IT community for a true “hands on” experience in the ground-up construction of SCinet, one of the fastest and most advanced computer networks in the world.

SCinet, the Supercomputing Conference’s (SC) dedicated high-performance research network, provides an ideal “apprenticeship” opportunity for engineers and technologists looking for direct access to the most cutting-edge network hardware and software, while working side-by-side with the world’s leading network and software engineers, and the top network technology vendors.

WINS is a joint effort between the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), the Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER), and University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). It is funded through a National Science Foundation grant* and through Department of Energy funding to ESnet.

In response to being invited to join the WINS Advisory Committee and serve as the Chair of the WINS Advisory Committee, Forough stated, It is an absolute honor to be selected to join the WINS Advisory Committee. I look forward to working with a dedicated, talented group of professionals  focusing on providing an inclusive environment where women are empowered to thrive and achieve success in their chosen field.”

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