EdgeSecure represents a cybersecurity and information security solution designed to manage risk for the entire enterprise ecosystem security strategy. The EdgeSecure solution seeks to simplify and organize the cybersecurity challenge for our members by treating information security first and foremost as an integrated data and information access and management problem.

NJEdge is ever vigilant in our commitment to support our members’ efforts to mitigate all manner of cyber risk. The EdgeSecure solution works on a subscription model to provide four quarterly assessments. Progress is ensured by analyzing each quarterly cyber security assessment to determine the efficacy of all remediation and intervention strategies. Quarterly assessments will be conducted and include the following:

  • External Asset Discovery: Inventory of all assets on the Internet
  • Internal Asset Discovery: Inventory of all internal network assets
  • External Vulnerability Profile: Assess and classify risk level for all external assets
  • Internal Vulnerability Profile: Assess and classify risk level for all internal network assets

Risk Assessment Reporting

EdgeSecure assessments provide a wealth of actionable insights that are prioritized for risk remediation. Here are some examples of what our assessment reporting entails (click the images to zoom):

The EdgeSecure assessment will provide you with an Executive Report, delivering high-level reporting about the current state of security in your network. This visibility will help guide the decision making process for stakeholders across your organization.

Detailed Technical Result reporting gives you a view of known vulnerabilities and exploits present in your network, including the severity of the vulnerability and urgency of mitigation.

In-depth detail reports lay out the specific threat represented by each vulnerability, along with potential impacts for your organization and recommended steps for short-term mitigation of specific exploits.

EdgeSecure Procurement Options

EdgeSecure is available to NJEdge members through our consortium purchasing program, EdgeMarket. EdgeSecure solutions are able to be procured by higher education institutions, state and local government agencies, healthcare providers, and other nonprofits via EdgeMarket Lead Agency status. K-12 districts can purchase EdgeSecure solutions via a Shared Services Agreement with NJSBA. Learn more about EdgeMarket procurement options.

How at risk is your institution?

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Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships quicken our pace in meeting the evolving requirements of our members. EdgeSecure benefits from alliances with many industry partners such as: