Improve Online Programming and Reap the Rewards

Don’t partner (and share your revenue) with an Online Program Manager when your institution can do it successfully in-house━with the right help. Edge’s Online Learning and Instructional Technology Acceleration (OLITA) program can help your institution build online learning capacity from the ground up or accelerate existing online learning programs over the course of a collaborative, project-based service involving a team of higher education experts.

OLITA can address any or all of the following areas:

Instructional Design as a Service (IDaaS)

Quality online learning demands meticulous design, development, and revision of engaging and interactive online, blended, or face-to-face courses. The EdgePro team provides the course design pedagogical expertise to collaborate with your faculty and subject matter experts to create meaningful learning experiences for students, through the creation, conversion, or expansion of online courses and programs.

Our instructional design experts understand and implement a wide range of methodologies to build quality learning experiences. We help our members in various ways:

Course Building – Do you need instructional designers to build new courses and programs? Edge’s team of instructional designers can partner with your academic leadership and faculty to build quality courses and programs that meet the pedagogical needs of today’s students, regardless of your existing systems and processes.

Course/Program Transformation – Do you have a set of courses or an entire program moving to a new modality? Edge’s instructional design team can help work with your instructors to translate their courses into a new format, applying industry best practices while working with faculty and staff to map out updated processes and procedures.

Evaluation and Quality Control – Need another set of eyes to make sure your courses meet quality standards? Edge’s instructional designers understand multiple course design rubrics (e.g. Quality Matters, OLC, etc.) and can evaluate any or all of your course catalog to ensure the courses you offer are the best they can be.

Faculty Development – Do your faculty need a crash course in instructional design and development? Edge’s instructional designers can work with your academic leadership to build asynchronous professional development, deliver synchronous sessions, and help fuel academic innovation by empowering your faculty through quality training programs.

Ad Hoc Instructional Design Consulting – Does your institution just need an instructional designer for specific courses? We can work with you on a case-by-case basis, providing hourly development support as you build out your own courses.

Instructional Technology as a Service (ITaaS)

The science of instructional technology is not just about finding a tool to meet an immediate need, but understanding how technology tools fit together to meet learning outcomes set forth by faculty, administration, and instructional designers. The EdgePro team works with your staff to identify solutions to meet your technical needs and use them to facilitate instructional design, teaching, and learning which advances the academic mission and vision of your institution.

Online Learning Business Strategy and Revenue Modeling

Online programs built on even the best instructional and design models must be supported by effective business models and planning. The business of online learning depends on applying sound strategy to details like enrollment projections, credit hours to be offered, cohort planning and scaling, and expense planning. The EdgePro team consults with your staff to assess and optimize business strategies related to online learning goals.

Online Learning Technology Infrastructure

Effective identification, implementation, and support for technology is essential to positive outcomes in online learning. The EdgePro team will assist your staff in matching up your institution’s strategies and goals with the technologies you need to achieve them. This may include selection of an LMS and integrated online learning tools, as well as student support ticketing and response systems to aid staff in quickly and effectively addressing online student needs as they arise.

Working with Edge

Edge is a nonprofit organization that was formed by the New Jersey President’s Council to serve as a technology partner, and OLITA serves to advance that mission. For more than 20 years, we’ve provided the most effective and affordable technology solutions for higher education institutions throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and beyond.

As a higher education community partner, we advocate for the development of sustainable, institution-owned online learning programs. Rather than outsourcing the work (and much of the profit) to an Online Program Management firm, we work to provide our members with the skills and strategy they need to be self-sufficient in the online education arena.

Our team members have worked to assess, build, and launch numerous online education initiatives at public and private institutions of all sizes. The hard-won lessons learned from those projects provide your staff with the actionable information they need to plan for online education success.

Talk With Edge

Ready to accelerate your institution’s ability to deliver online learning? Schedule a one-hour, no obligation strategy session with one of our experts, in-person or virtually. It’s a great way to experience our strategic thinking for yourself and to determine if Edge is the right fit for your needs.