Online Learning and Instructional Technology Acceleration (OLITA)

Why share your online learning revenue with an Online Program Manager (OPM) when you can partner to build your own? Building a new online campus or maturing and unifying existing online learning programs is a challenge for any institution. Edge’s Online Learning and Instructional Technology Acceleration (OLITA) program is a time and team-based professional service project that will build a new online campus, or accelerate your existing online learning capabilities.

Our approach will ensure the development of programs designed to meet the unique needs of an online learning community, integrating best practices for learning design, EdTech, infrastructure support, student privacy, and cybersecurity.

OLITA Outcomes:

Migrate all, or nearly all, courses and programs online.

Design marketing and recruitment strategies for the online campus model.

Provide online-focused curriculum redesign and retooling, along with onboarding and professional development model for online learning faculty.

Establish cost estimates for operating a fully online campus.

Establish business processes and position descriptions specific to the online student lifecycle that interoperate with overall institutional processes and departmental operations.

Form a multi-year business plan including revenue and expense models to inform the program’s strategic direction.

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