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For years, Online Program Managers (OPMs) have provided costly, cookie-cutter digital learning options for institutions looking to fast-track a presence in the online market. Now, as many institutions have made investments in their own digital learning capabilities over the last two years, and federal guidelines and regulations on OPM providers continue to tighten, institutions have a perfect opportunity to foster successful home-grown digital learning programs.

In this session, Edge Chief Digital Learning Officer Josh Gaul will share insights into why institutions should take this opportunity to evolve beyond OPM partnerships, and how to do so successfully.

This session will outline:

  • How the drawbacks of OPM partnerships far outweigh the benefits
  • How institutions can take advantage of unique institutional characteristics and intellectual property to evolve beyond OPM branded programming
  • Steps institutions will need to take to effectively replace OPM capabilities, including instructional design, faculty training, student support, and more
  • The role of digital learning leaders in launching and maintaining sustainable online programming
  • How Edge can support a successful shift away from OPMs with support services and collaborative community-building

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