Through NJEDge.Net’s robust infrastructure, “connected” institutional members have access to Internet and Internet2. Our institutional members include the Higher Education and K-12 communities, non-profit organizations, and research and health institutes.

The NJEDge.Net network deployments set standards for interoperability and provide optimum IT support and services at discounted rates. NJEDge.Net members have opportunities for further collaboration through EDge.Networks, an alliance of activity groups working on topic-centered research and development projects which affect teaching, system architecture and network.

Services Available to NJEDge.Net General Members

  • Access to NJEDge.Net’s team of technical consultants, network engineers and education professionals
  • Participation in EDge.Networks — an alliance of member-driven activity groups that investigate pedagogies, methodologies and technologies in the academic community
  • Attendance at Events
  • Communication forums through discussions, blogs and mailing lists
  • Training in innovative teaching tools for faculty
  • Training in emerging technologies for professional (web-based and in-person)
  • Workshops in emerging technologies for professional and technical staff (web-based and in-person)
  • E-rate assistance
  • RFP assistance
  • Eligibility to purchase from NJEDge.Net publicly bid contracts

Benefits to NJEDge.Net Subscribing “Connected” Members

  • All general member benefits
  • Network access to statewide intranet, Internet and Internet2
  • Network access to video portal
  • Assistance with Internet transport upgrade requisitions
  • Off site, network-accessible centralized mass storage
  • Co-location services at NJEDge.Net networked attached sites
  • DNS Additions
  • Firewall services
  • Network usage information
  • Live Streaming Services
  • HD Video conferencing starter kit