Higher education faces unprecedented changes in the wake of COVID-19. How quickly leaders can respond today will
have long-term impact on their future. Develop strategies now to engage current and prospective students, support
your enrollment and retention efforts, and proactively manage potential declines in the coming semesters.

As an Edge trusted partner, Blackboard Student Services has staffed resources to quickly scale and deploy strategic
campaigns (in less than 5 days) to engage current and prospective students for institutions in need at this critical time.

Quick-to-Implement Retention & Enrollment Campaigns

SUMMER/FALL 2020 (Immediate)


Goal: limit attraction and engage existing students.

Recommended outreach plan:

    • April 2020: Contact students who have been inactive in a course for ‘10+’ days – Call to Action (CTA): Who to Contact if You Need Help
    • June 2020: Students enrolled previous term but not yet registered for Fall classes– CTA: Register for Fall


Goal: engage enrollment pipeline and increase fall 2020 yield.

Recommended outreach plan:

    • May 2020: Contact all >14 day stalled applications – CTA: Complete Application
    • June 2020: Contact all Accepted/No Financial Plan on File & Accepted/Not Confirmed – CTA: Enroll Today!
    • July/August 2020: Contact all students with ISIR on file but haven’t registered – CTA: Register

SPRING 2021 (Longer-Term)


Goal: engage enrollment pipeline and maximize spring enrollment. For unfinished apps, provide enrollment coaching and ongoing support for students.

Recommended outreach plan:

    • August 2020 (Coached Campaign): Application Started/Not Submitted-(idle for >14 days) – CTA: Apply for Spring
    • August 2020: Stop-out students previously enrolled but did not persist – CTA: Re-Enroll: New Online Format!
    • September 2020: Incomplete application submitted – CTA: Apply for Spring
    • October 2020: Leads generated 15-90 days ago but have not been responsive since – CTA: Apply for Spring

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