Available to All Communities We Serve

  • Consortium Pricing, a Member Advantage Through EdgeMarket
  • Services Billing and Audit Service
  • E-rate Process Assistance
  • Collaboration with Our Member Community Including Focused Practice Groups
  • Professional Development and Networking Opportunities
  • Thought Leadership and Consultation From Edge Experts
  • Ownership and Control of Your Technology Destiny
  • Solution Curation and Vendor Management
  • Technology Solutions Designed Specifically for Members

Availability of and Engagement with Our Solution Sets


The Edge consortium is relentless in its commitment to drive value for your investment.

We strive to deliver an evolving array of benefits which provide exponential return on investment for our members.

*Event ticket benefits represent Edge matching of a member’s purchased tickets. Bring the rest of your team! ** Event streaming incurs costs after 500 concurrent viewers

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