Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs

April 19, 2018
Newark, New Jersey
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The Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs (AVP/R&SP) for NJEdge.Net, New Jersey’s Research and Higher Education Network, reports to the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the organization. As the chief advocate for research and the primary point of contact and engagement with the research community in New Jersey and beyond, this senior member of the NJEdge team will contribute to strategy development and provide leadership as a collaborative partner in a not-for-profit organization that relies upon technology leadership, creativity and innovation to drive success and bring value to the organizations that subscribe to the consortium and connect to its network and other technology resources. As a hands-on and participative member of the organization’s senior staff, the AVP/R&SP will lead and have primary responsibility for the sustained growth, strategic development, and administration of the NJEdge consortium’s research capacity and capabilities while ensuring that it remains responsive and aligned with the requirements of the communities we serve.

The technologies and tools used to advance scientific research are evolving at an accelerated pace. The successful candidate for this leadership role will enjoy an extraordinary opportunity to explore and develop next generation research solutions working in concert with an innovative and dedicated assembly of domain scientists, research network and cyberinfrastructure engineers and dedicated administrators throughout the state, the region and the nation. The AVP/R&SP role requires a strong collaborative leader who can develop a clear vision, implement strategic decisions and build on NJEdge’s strengths to support and grow the organization’s research portfolio while helping to advance the research agendas of the organizations that comprise the NJEdge consortium membership. Working in concert with internal and external entities in New Jersey and beyond, the AVP/R&SP will align NJEdge planning and resources with the research strategies and requirements of the membership to support and enhance the research infrastructure available to our members, facilitate their development of technology transfer capabilities as well as their ability to increase current levels of external, sponsored research funding.

NJEdge is well positioned, with its statewide high-performance network and related technology solutions and its strong alliances with colleague research and education networks to contribute to this rapidly expanding research agenda. As NJEdge’s chief research advocate, the AVP/R&SP is expected to work effectively with faculty, deans, and research administrators across the state and the region. In doing so, the AVP/R&SP will be responsible for forging alliances among campus constituencies, businesses, partner institutions, government, as well as public, private and corporate funding entities with the intent of increasing resources and research opportunities. In collaboration with these internal and external constituencies, the successful candidate will oversee NJEdge’s promotion and facilitation of research, scholarship, and creative activities across the state and the region.

The AVP/R&SP will play a critical role in executing on the organization’s stated goals and objectives and inform the executive leadership team regarding business strategy, resource allocation and planning and operational priorities as NJEdge continues to expand the scope of its products and services, build research capacity to scale apace with its planned growth and to do so within the parameters of a total quality management programming model.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs for NJEdge is responsible for all activities intended to facilitate and grow NJEdge’s and New Jersey’s research capabilities and capacity in order to support the research agendas of our member organizations. The duties of the role include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reporting to the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, the AVP/R&SP has primary responsibility for strategy, activities and initiatives intended to grow and develop our research capacity and capabilities working in concert with interested research parties and partners throughout the state and beyond
  • As the senior administrative officer in the research domain and the chief research advocate for NJEdge, the AVP/R&SP works closely with the NJEdge leadership team to devise and implement research strategies and solutions that anticipate and facilitate the research goals and objectives of the membership
  • Engages with regional and national research organizations and initiatives and contributes to the national dialogue and development of next generation research solutions. In so doing, gathers and interprets research requirements and priorities and translates these into technological solutions requirements and infrastructure investment priorities for the NJEdge networking and technical team members that are responsive to the research needs of our membership
  • Works in concert with research stakeholders throughout the state and the region to provide thought leadership and advocate for sponsored research conducted under the auspices of public, private and corporate funding entities throughout the lifecycle of successful award solicitations
  • Participates in regional and national collaborations and initiatives such at the Eastern Research Network, the National Research Platform and the Eastern Regional Research Platform initiatives and serves as a member of the New Jersey Big Data Alliance (NJBDA) leadership team in order to contribute to the advancement of research
  • Works collaboratively and in close consultation with leadership at our member organizations including the vice presidents for research, provost and vice president for academic affairs, as well as academic deans, chairs, faculty and domain scientists to increase the number of grant submissions and grow research expenditures
  • When serving in a PI, co-PI or other supporting role, is responsible for providing administrative support for sponsored programs and assuring compliance with sponsored programs-related regulations
  • Through proactivity and engagement with the broader research community, is responsible for developing a compelling expansion of NJEdge’s research strategies and participation in funded research projects
  • Through strategic planning, innovation and thought leadership is expected to bring an entrepreneurial, synergistic research vision to establish regional, national and international collaborative research partnerships with universities, public (state and federal), corporate and private foundations and agencies
  • Fosters and coordinates activities that promote participation of a broad range of individuals in research, scholarly, or creative activities that strengthen the research enterprise for NJEdge and its partners and affiliated organizations.
  • Promotes interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research collaborations and programs within New Jersey’s university community and with partner institutions across the region.
  • Working in concert with research partners, promotes and facilitates development of intellectual property and technology transfer
  • Sets standards and expectations for research success by measuring outcomes and providing benchmarks for continuous improvement in accord with the NJEdge strategic plan
  • Acts as the authorized organization representative with signature authority for all grants, contracts and agreements relating to external grants
  • Administers statewide professional development programs related to research and the preparation of competitive grant proposals
  • Oversees the management of grant-writing and sponsored research activities


  • An earned Doctorate paired with extensive knowledge of and experience with research funding, including demonstrated success as a Principal Investigator/Director in obtaining external funding and managing large grants, and experience working with federal agencies and corporate/private foundations and organizations
  • Proven skills and knowledge of software defined networking to integrate distributed and differentiated science DMZs and provide for access to advanced computing resources (HPC) and high throughput computing HTC.
  • Involvement and understanding of the application and value of open tools for research orchestration such as Kubernetes and SLURM hybrid solutions, edge components, data transfer nodes and storage solutions including commercial cloud provisioning
  • Innovative leadership in research program development, including experience building teams for interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary efforts and experience facilitating access to international grants and collaborations
  • Experience directing a major academic research enterprise
  • A record of strong, effective leadership and decision-making skills and experience in research administration at the senior level of an enterprise
  • In-depth knowledge and technical competence in a broad range of research administration and research compliance issues with the ability to evaluate and prioritize risks, ensure an environment that is supportive to researchers yet promotes compliance with federal and state law regulations and typical university policies, rules and regulations
  • Ability to articulate, promote and enhance strategies for building a strong research culture across multiple entities
  • A leadership style that values service, integrity and collaboration, with an understanding of and appreciation for all forms and types of research, creative activities, and scholarship within and across disciplines
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain strong collaborative relationships and to work effectively with internal and external partners to promote research excellence
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to devise and promote a clear vision, goals and strategic plan to lead the research and discovery mission for our members
  • Ability to promote the excellence of research/creative activities of faculty and staff.
  • Ability to allocate resources effectively and with integrity, in keeping with the vision for research at NJEdge
  • Demonstrable strategic, analytical, budgetary, communicative, organizational, interpersonal, and supervisory skills
  • Knowledge and experience working for a technology centric organization that provides products and services
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and relationship building skills with an ability to prioritize, negotiate, and work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and dedication to the mission of the organization
    Exceptional written and oral communications skills
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April 19, 2018
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