FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NJEDge. Net joins the New Jersey Big Data Alliance NEWARK, New Jersey, December 12, 2016 – NJEDge.Net has joined the New Jersey Big Data Alliance (NJBDA). “NJEDge.Net is well positioned to provide, as needed, data transport services across the state and among NJBDA members,” according to Dr. Ed Chapel, Senior Vice President and COO.  “The missions, goals and objectives of NJEDge.Net, New Jersey’s Research and Education Network, and the New Jersey Big Data Alliance are complementary in so many ways that our joining forces makes perfect sense.”

The NJBDA ( was established by the Rutgers Office of Research and Economic Development and the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute to catalyze the collaboration among New Jersey government, academia and industry that will enable all parties to address the significant and immediate challenges posed by the proliferation of data sources and the resultant deluge of digital data in a strategic and coordinated manner.  Its founding members are Kean University, Montclair State University, N.J. Institute of Technology, Rowan University, Stockton University, Rutgers University, Stevens Institute of Technology and The College of New Jersey.  In building advanced computation capabilities and expertise, it strives to enable New Jersey businesses and higher education institutions to leverage, analyze and protect data-increasing in its competitiveness and thereby improving NJBDA’s ability to secure federal funding and driving innovation.

“NJEDge.Net is extremely pleased to be a participant in the New Jersey Big Data Alliance,” Dr. Samuel Conn, President and CEO of NJEDge.Net remarked.  “Big data and data analytics represent a critical component of how universities, government, and industry will innovate and achieve competitive advantage in the new century,”

The NJBDA brings together members from across the state with the overarching goals of identifying areas of synergy in advanced computation and developing joint programs and partnerships. The NJBDA serves as the State’s research, education and outreach consortium in advanced computation and big data. This unprecedented alliance of major New Jersey higher education institutions and NJBDA is recognized by Governor Chris Christie and the New Jersey State Legislature as “New Jersey’s Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Consortium.” This legislation formalized the partnership amongst the State’s higher education institutions in building the computational capabilities and expertise in New Jersey.
Dr. Chapel summarizes, “Our combined capabilities promise to accelerate New Jersey’s big science and big data analytics capabilities while facilitating stronger partnerships among higher education, the business community and government to further economic development across the state.”

About NJEDge.Net

NJEDge.Net is a New Jersey-based 501.3(C) research and education network that supports its members in their institutional missions by providing collaborative resources and networked information services in support of teaching and learning, research and development, outreach and public service, as well as economic development throughout the state of New Jersey. In providing a broadband statewide network, NJEDge.Net establishes standards for interoperability, achieves economies of scale, and supports new and emerging technologies to foster productive use of technology across the academic enterprise.

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