NJEDge.Net and Vidyo, the premier vendor for videoconferencing equipment and maintenance, offer our connected members the opportunity of a start-up pack.

Vidyo HD Video Conferencing is our vendor of choice. Vidyo Inc. pioneered Personal Telepresence by enabling multi-party video conferences with natural, HD-quality, face-to-face interactions over regular IP networks using laptops, desktops or Vidyo room systems. Vidyo complements the existing investment in Tandberg and Polycom room systems. Students are able to participate from home, work or on the road. Accreditation agencies require true parity for student services provided online, and Vidyo’s platform achieves this goal. Guest lecturers and content experts can be invited to join a session with a simple email.

Each NJEDge Connected Member is given a starter kit which enables the creation of an exclusive HD video conferencing set up. The school uses NJEDge’s Vidyo platform investment and On-Net storage. Additional components are available à la carte, such as institutional rooms/tenants, and the ability to make gateway calls from laptops from an existing Tandberg or Polycom system. This technology easily brings video conferencing at a moment’s notice. Vidyo in its next iteration will support iPad, iPhone and Android devices as a telephone add-on. This version will include a record/play feature.

Vidyo is a shared resource supported by NJEDge.Net that all institutions can use and customize. The shared Vidyo model will allow all institutions to grow their programs and share resources without having to buy, maintain and manage core hardware.

For more information about Vidyo, please visit www.vidyo.com