On October 29th 2012, Super Storm Sandy made landfall around Atlantic City New Jersey at approximately 8:00PM. This storm changed the landscape of the coast and the lives of many residents of the state.

The days leading up to the storm were busy. Meetings with Federal, State, and County Offices or Emergency Management personnel were held every few hours to discuss evacuation of residents, opening of shelters, and the projected storm track. One particular meeting that the state participated in was with Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, FEMA Director Craig Fugate and President Barack Obama. During this meeting, State Police representatives briefed the President on the conditions in NJ and how the state was prepping for the direct impact of the storm.

Once Sandy made landfall, video conferencing was used to provide live video from state police helicopters and responders in the devastated areas back to the Governor, his cabinet members and the state police headquarters in Trenton. This video proved to be invaluable in that, it showed the devastation created by the storm and helped the command staff formulate a response plan and allocate resources to where they would most affective. Video-conferencing was also used to conduct meetings with other state’s governors to discuss lessons learned on the rebuilding of their states so New Jersey could start rebuilding itself effectively.

All of these meetings could not have been possible without the partnership that existed between NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, NJEDge.net, and Vidyo. NJEDge provided the very robust network with more than adequate bandwidth and redundant connections and hardware that was required to host all of these meetings. Vidyo provided the video conferencing software and hardware that was deployed to offices and mobile devices to allow all the meetings to happen smoothly and, in most cases, ad hoc.