Berkeley College has been using Vidyo to enhance our students’ experiences beginning with the application process and continuing through their years at Berkeley. Our Online Financial Aid Office uses Vidyo to connect with students during their Financial Aid Advisement sessions. This has been a very successful endeavor, as the Financial Aid staff can interact with students in a secure environment, which increases the information exchange. This is especially valuable with the detailed topic of Financial Aid. As Antonio Olivero, Director of Financial Aid stated, “The Vidyo system enables us to see our students as we advise them on their financial aid and the visual interaction helps establish a relationship with the student that we did not have previously. In addition, we can often see if the student understands the concepts we are reviewing based on the student’s expressions during the virtual meeting.” Vidyo’s easy document sharing feature is key to our Vidyo sessions. Associates are able to review documents and point out items on the screen, which the students find helpful. The use of Vidyo with our Online Financial Aid process has made the sometimes daunting process of applying for Financial Aid easier and less stressful for both the student and the College.

“Partnering with NJEDGE to be a pioneer in using Vidyo at Berkeley College has provided a stable and easy to use multipoint HD desktop Video Conferencing system that has enhanced both the administrative and student environment,” says Leonard De Botton, CIO and Vice President of Information Systems at Berkeley College.

Berkeley College has also used Vidyo in a unique way with one of our students who is currently in Brazil attending UnG University. The student uses Vidyo to connect with Berkeley staff daily to relay how she is doing and what she is learning. Each day a video conference between 5-12 people is held. We have been able to conduct informative, real-time meetings due to Vidyo’s security, dependability and ease of use. The ability of Berkeley staff to see the student using Vidyo makes her time abroad less stressful and allows her to share her experience as it unfolds. In fact, with a simple e-mail invitation, the student’s mother is also able to join the video conference. As Luis Colon, Desktop Services Technician states, “This technology is great due to its simplicity in design. With Vidyo, all you need is one
person with an account in order to invite others who need to connect to the meeting”.

Vidyo’s ease of use coupled with its security has made Vidyo an invaluable resource at Berkeley College.