About the Service

NJEDge.Net has teamed up with IDSolutions to offer Vidyo Service to its members. Vidyo delivered by IDSolutions is a fully featured collaboration solution that delivers video, audio and content collaboration and conferencing with streaming and recording capabilities for desktops, mobile and room-based video endpoints. The off-the-shelf applications and products feature an intuitive user interface that is accessed within the cloud, but unlike other NET+ offerings, it supports a flexible deployment model to optimize call routing based on specific use cases. By installing software based instances of infrastructure elements either on-premise or in the cloud, the service provides the flexibility to optimize your WAN resources while adhering to your existing deployment methodologies. The service features a concurrent licensing model that allows you to purchase a set number of licenses to be used across a broad user based. This offers the flexibility to size the deployment to your immediate needs and lets you scale on-demand rather than requiring you to purchase a site license based upon total student population. This service is also white-glove; we provide equipment installation, turn-up, user training and adoption services and level 2/3 support so that you can focus on internal promotion.

Use of Video conferencing in the classroom and beyond…

Educational organizations such as universities, community colleges and K-12s often find the need to collaborate with students, faculty/teachers and experts through video to create a rich and immersive educational experience. Video conferencing makes all forms of collaboration easy. Engagement is done in real time. Video conferencing facilitates real time collaboration in all domains of education and allows educators to overcome distance barriers. Students can engage, explore, communicate, analyze and share information and ideas with peers on the other side of the world.

Faculty/Teachers are no longer restricted by geographic location or classroom size as virtual classrooms allow students to interact and learn from their homes. It brings students near or far into the same forum for dialog, instruction and information sharing, while enjoying the face-to-face meetings and lectures that are typical in conventional education. Faculty and staff can organize, collaborate and participate in activities without outlying the money for travel and other prohibitive costs. By using videoconferencing, students and researchers can create a professional learning community—one that will give them a world-view from other students, faculty and experts.

NJEDge.Net has extensive experience in videoconferencing technologies through projects such as ‘Around the World in 24 Hours’- a program for Grade 9-12 students to connect with fellow students in France, Pakistan, Singapore, Nairobi and more. It brings this experience in partnering with Vidyo, a premier vendor for videoconferencing equipment, to offer our connected members state of the art video conferencing solutions.

NJEDge has broadened its reach and we count K-12 districts as our members. Pre-college students benefit greatly from videoconferencing because it is medium that can bring about the college experience immediately; it is a good way to prepare for Higher Ed. NJEDge Vidyo solution can successfully reduce the time and distance constraints faced by educational organisations today, allowing faculty, students and staff an enriched and robust collaborative experience.

Starter pack for NJEDge Connected Members
All NJEDge connected members can avail of the starter pack offered at no additional cost.  NJEDge membership receive consortia discounted pricing on the upgrades, support and conferencing hardware.

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