Verizon Access New Jersey’s VidyoConferencing™ solution brings IP Multi-point Video Conferencing to desktops or laptops from any broadband connection. All the participants need is a computer, webcam and a headset!

Multi-point Video – Like having an MCU installed on your laptop

Change layout and size

Our VidyoConferencing™ solution provides high quality experiences for all participants, ranging from Mac and Windows desktops to legacy H.323 endpoints like Polycom, Tandberg or other MCU-based video conferencing room systems (supports both H.264 and H.263 video conferencing, as well as G.711, G.722, SIP and H.323 signaling).

The H.264 standard for video compression — Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and specialized intelligent video routing make this possible.  All the participant needs to do is download a small application from our video server. With any Intel-based Mac or Windows PC, webcam and headset they can participate in high quality multi-point video conferences – even with legacy H.323 endpoints OR MCUs.

Get Started

Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements and you have a compatible webcam and headset. You must apply for an account. You will be prompted to download and install the required desktop software when attempting to join or start your first online meeting here. Please visit thetraining page for a quick “how-to” for using Verizon Access New Jersey VidyoConferencing™ solution.

Vidyo can be used over the Internet from most any broadband connection including cable modems, DSL, FiOS, T1, LAN, or WiFi connection. The higher the speed of your Internet connection and the faster your computer’s processor – the better the picture quality will be. Built-in webcams are usually sufficient, but better USB webcams make a big difference in quality.

High Quality Video Conferencing on your PC or Mac

Vidyo’s Intelligent video routing will scale quality based on your computers processing power, your webcams capability, and the bandwidth available to your connection. Just scaling the window size on your computer actually decreases the bandwidth you use. This system ensures that each participant gets the best experience and does not drag down ALL participants to a lower quality to meet the requirements for the slowest endpoint, like most other video solutions.

Control the layout for multi-points connections with 3 participants or more

The VidyoRouter doesn’t decode and encode the video, yet it provides rate matching, error localization and supports composited layouts just like a traditional MCUs. However, each user has the ability to configure the layout on their own computer independent of the other participants.

Bridged calls from our Polycom and Codian MCUs are also compatible with our VidyoConferencing™ servers. This allows connections to the unique and remote participants with nothing more than a Windows PC or a Mac, webcam and a headset. Even with ISDN connections.