The NJVID commercial video service enables institutions to stream commercial educational video content to their members using an easy to access, always available online platform.

vendorscollageInstitutions subscribing to NJVID get instant access to over 5000 licensed videos from a growing list of reputed vendors like PBS, Icarus Films, Ambrose, Intelecom, Films Media Group, Media Education Foundation etc. that relates to a diverse array of fields such as Art, Health, Biology, Psychology, Geography, American History and much more.An ideal, cost-effective solution for libraries to transition into the world of digital media.  Users can access media from mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, thus not only increasing the viewership of licensed content but also improving the convenience of watching videos.

Service Benefits:

  • Large library of digitized commercial video collection: NJVID currently hosts and streams over 7,000  licensed videos and over 27,000  learning objects from over 80 leading commercial video vendors such as Films Media Group, Intelecom, Ambrose Video Publishing and many more, to its subscribers. Institutions that have purchased streaming rights can instantly have access to these videos once licensed.
  • Discounted pricing: VALE-NJ has negotiated pricing with commercial video vendors and institutions can take advantage of discounted licensing costs for many of the titles that are already available on NJVID.
  • Cataloging and digitization of physical media: Institutions don’t necessarily need to acquire physical videos anymore, video acquiring and cataloging process taken care by NJVID.
  • Closed captions availability:  Where available NJVID staff extract closed captions and add them to videos and provide an enhanced learning experience which improves the accessibility of library videos.
  • Creation of learning objects: Vendors often provide chapter markers for the video with additional title and description. NJVID staff will create these clips and make them available to the institution.
  • Inclusion of learning guides and other supplementary documents: Learning guides and Instructor guides when available are placed alongside the video to aid students in their learning experience.
  • Inclusion of Bonus video content: Videos are available along with their DVD bonus content such as filmmaker interviews, abridged versions, reference material etc. where applicable.
  • LMS Integration: Titles can be easily embedded into LMS courses ensuring higher discoverability and visibility of library assets, resulting in an overall increase in ROI for the institution.
  • Archival of highest quality video: The highest quality version of the video is archived and stored in repository to future proof streaming formats.
  • Management of licenses: The license purchase and tenure information is stored in the NJVID License database. This provides the Institution a view into all of their commercial video assets and license expiration dates.
  • Library Systems Ecosystem: Titles in NJVID are available with complete catalogs and metadata which can be exported as MARC records and imported into the Institution’s OPAC or ILS systems.
  • Reporting tools: Easy to use dashboard view for librarians and administrators to see usage statistics and also view license information. Enhanced statistics view lets institutions see the usage and popularity of media as well as utilize advanced graphical tools to gauge usage trends.
  • Savings for the Library: NJVID takes care of infrastructure, media handling, digitization, cataloging and backups. Libraries can see realtime usage of a title to aid in licensing renewals process.
  • Ability to add new commercial vendors: Institutions can not only license content available from vendors on NJVID, but also bring in and stream content from vendors of their choice. NJVID staff will work with the vendor on copyright right and digital rights compliance and co-ordinate license purchase directly with the vendor.
  • Create Clips: Provide virtual chapter markers to create learning objects (clips) and jump-to-scene in video or audio resources. Share clips and embed them into LMS courses.
  • Playlists: Users can create and share personalized playlists comprising of entire media as well as annotations of existing media. These can be shared with other users.
  • Excellent support: General help requests are handled within one business day. Service availability issues will be handled within 4 business hours of reporting.