NJVID is a digital media repository and publishing offering for streaming and archiving videos, audio, PDF and other digital content. Through its two leading-edge services – the Commercial Video Service and the Learning on Demand Service, educational organizations and schools can upload, publish, share media as well as access library licensed educational videos through a single, secure, always available online platform that can be accessed anytime from any device including mobile phones and tablets. The cloud based service is tightly integrated with all major learning management systems, highly evolved to ensure accessibility and ADA 508 compliance, including flexible closed captioning options and it works in concert with popular video content creation solutions.

A fully supported platform built around the needs of educational  and research community, it is currently used by many higher education institutions in New Jersey, Michigan, Virginia, and Maryland. See the full list of subscribers.

NJVID Website: www.njvid.net 


NJVID Features and Benefits:

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device delivery of content: All repository content delivery is designed to be made available and viewable on modern browsers and computing devices (desktops, tablets and mobile phones) and mobile platforms (iOS and Android)
  • Robust Infrastructure: Highly reliable and  scalable service and network architecture. Cloud based infrastructure with multiple data center backups.
  • Secure Streaming: NJVID offers secure end to end encrypted streaming of videos and audio that provides a high level of content protection and assurance of content integrity.
  • Collaborative platform for education: All NJVID content can be shared not just within specific users of an Institution, but also with a single click the entire community in an Institution and also any other institution in NJVID. This allows for federated collaboration of academic and research content.
  • Stream Content Seamlessly: Adaptive Bitrate Switching technology delivers the best quality media based on user’s bandwidth. Media player automatically detects the viewer bandwidth and displays the optimum stream minimizing buffering for viewers.
  • Enterprise Search platform: NJVID has advanced full-text search capabilities and powerful matching capabilities including phrases, wildcards etc.
  • Embed Content Easily: NJVID repository content are embeddable on Institutional websites and blogs. This generates a steady stream of content reuse and discoverability.
  • Captions: Content owners and creators can show captions along with the videos to meet accessibility guidelines for their videos.
  • Reports and Analytics: Access detailed statistics of NJVID services usage in your institution through a combination of graphs and statistics. Administrators can generate instate usage reports and save them for analysis.
  • Section 508 compliant player: The NJVID media player is Section 508 compliant. All player controls can be controlled by keyboard shortcuts.
  • Institutional Branding: The Institutions can customize the look and feel of your repository by using their institutional logo and colors on their NJVID instance. Search can also be customized to search just the Institutional collections.
  • Rich metadata capabilities: NJVID has metadata standards for various types of content  and can be exported to various Library standards such as MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging) and other popular formats compatible with online library catalog systems.
  • Integration with  Identity Management Directory: NJVID can integrate with the enterprise directory (through Shibboleth, LDAP or Active Directory) of each institution.