As part of its service portfolio, NJVID offers webcasting of Institutional events to any number of audiences across the internet and to anywhere in the world.  Using this service, subscribers can send one stream from their video encoders to NJVID and NJVID will restream it to end users. Broadcast your live stream to users who can now watch your events from the comfort of their own computers and mobile devices, thus expanding the viewing experience and participation for any event. NJVID subscribers has used this service to stream events such as commencements, conferences,  guest faculty seminars, TEDx events and much more. Additionally webcasts can be automatically recorded and uploaded to the institutional collection on NJVID and made available for on-demand viewing on any device.

Some features of this service are:

  • Embed player on your website: Institutions can use provided embed codes to embed the stream video player on any institutional websites as needed
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming: Depending on the end user’s bandwidth, either a high quality or a low quality is shown. Switching between the stream happens without any lag or delay
  • Automatic user device detection: Based on the end user’s device type, the appropriate stream is sent to the device
  • Support: NJVID support staff will assist you with any questions before, during and after the event
  • Archival of stream: When requested NJVID can archive the stream and make it available for upload on NJVID for on-demand viewing
  • Reports and Analytics: NJVID support staff can provide post event analytics and reports on the views for an event including interesting data such as geographical views

Note: NJVID Learning on Demand subscribers in New Jersey get this service free for two events per calendar year.

To request a quote and/or to reserve a date of this service for your institution, please fill out the Live Streaming Event Request Form with your streaming needs. Our support staff will respond to you with the required information and quotes.

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