NJTrust is New Jersey’s Identity Trust Federation. NJTrust was created by NJEDge.Net in 2009 as the basis for a unified identity and access management infrastructure for the New Jersey Research and Education community. A Trust Federation is a collection of institutions and vendors that want to access each other’s applications in a shared, secure and trusted manner. It provides a coordinated approach to verifying users’ identities and what they are permitted to do. NJTrust gives participating institution the ability for authorized campus individuals to use their local campus credentials to gain access, as appropriate, to participating services (Service Providers). Users enjoy single sign-on convenience and privacy protection while Service Providers enjoy the benefits of seamless integration with the identity framework of multiple institutions. NJTrust, based on industry standard technologies implemented Internet2 Shibboleth software which provides a federated single sign-on and attribute exchange mechanism between federation members. NJVID (now called illumira) was one of the first applications to use NJTrust.

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