Internet2 is an advanced networking consortium led by the research and education community. An exceptional partnership spanning U.S. and international institutions that are leaders in the worlds of research, academia, industry and government, the Internet2 community is developing breakthrough cyberinfrastructure technologies that support the most exacting applications of today — and spark the most essential innovations of tomorrow. Led by its members and focused on their current and future networking needs since 1996, Internet2 blends its unsurpassed human, IP and optical networks to develop and deploy revolutionary Internet technologies. Activating the same partnerships that produced today’s Internet, our Internet2 community is forging the Internet of the future.

All subscribers of NJEDge have access to Internet2 by virtue of their connection to NJEDge. There are two types of access based upon an institution’s classification. Carnegie R1 class institutions and Internet2 institutional members (New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Stevens Institute of Technology and University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ)) have dedicated access to Internet2 through the NJEDge connection to Internet2. All other NJEDge members participate in the Internet2 “Sponsored Educational Group Participants” program (SEGP) and share a separate connection to Internet2.

NJEDge members account for 300 megabits of Internet2 bandwidth traveling over a managed IP infrastructure that covers the state. Many of our medical and institutional research members use Internet2 to further collaboration. Internet2 deployment uses the latest technologies to bring research and academia together to partner with industry and governments around the world. For example, Passaic Valley High School’s Science in Cinema is delivered through NJEDge’s Internet2 service.

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