Firewalls filter traffic. Filtering consists of examining incoming and outgoing packets and allowing or disallowing their transmission or acceptance on the basis of a set of configurable rules, called policies.

Packet filtering policies may be based upon allowing or disallowing packets on the basis of their source IP address, allowing or disallowing packets on the basis of their destination port or allowing or disallowing packets according to protocol.

NJEDge can provide members with firewall management services. Basic firewall management services include one inside and one outside interface on the NJEDge provided firewall. Alternatively, members can manage a firewall provided by NJEDge, which saves them the cost of purchasing one. NJEDge will perform the initial setup, allowing members access to the firewall, and then the members can complete the desired configuration. Members are also notified when firewall software upgrades are necessary. Installation of these upgrades typically occurs during the normal network maintenance window.