Our Services reflect our mission:

Dedicated to creating a better world by providing statewide advanced networking, access to optimal technology solutions and services, and insight and expertise in information technologies.

Services for institutional members include:

Network Services

  • Internet
  • Internet2
  • Network access to satellite services for uplink and downlink
  • Assistance with internet transport upgrade requisitions
  • Off site, network-accessible centralized mass storage
  • Co-location services at NJEdge.Net networked attached sites
  • DNS Additions and Modifications (includes reverse DNS)
  • Firewall services
  • Network usage information (Monitoring Services)

Video Services

  • illumira – The illumira suite of products offer end-to-end solutions for media management for higher education, including:
    • Media Repository Services
    • Licensed Media Hosting
  • Live Streaming Services
  • Video Conferencing

Consortia Agreements

  • NJEdge has licensed VMware software to be offered to members at considerable discount.
  • Voice Services
  • Emergency Notification Services (ENS)
  • E-rate assistance
  • RFP assistance
  • Eligibility to purchase from NJEdge.Net publicly bid contracts
  • Discounted voice minutes based on publicly bid RFP

Professional Development

  • Access to NJEdge’s team of technical consultants, network engineers and education professionals
  • Participation in Edge Networks — an alliance of member-driven activity groups that investigate pedagogies, methodologies and technologies in the academic community
  • Attendance at events, including:
  • Annual Conference
  • Best Practices Showcase
  • Monthly webinars
  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Communication forums through discussions, blogs and mailing lists
  • Training in innovative teaching tools for faculty
  • Training in emerging technologies for professional and technical staff