NJEDge.Net is proud to welcome ePlus to its community of public-service-minded corporate partners.


Why do companies partner with NJEDge.Net?

To build their business…

“NJEDge.Net basically built our brand. Through NJEDge’s Affiliate Partner Program, our company was able to market and touch the entire higher-ed community – through being an Affiliate Partner, you can touch all of education in the state of New Jersey-” Promedia

“NJEDge partnership…allows us to get in front of customers more often, allows us to present what we do to a wider audience and at your conference we meet more decision makers than we would in a month/year-” ePLUS

To find out what educational institutions need…

“By getting in front of customers at various events it allows us as a company to invest in solutions that customers are looking into –”ePLUS

“Our continued partnership with NJEDge provides a channel to share our product roadmaps, education services, and numerous no-cost resources available to ensure your success as member schools. We actively solicit and build the suggestions provided by our customers into our education products as we focus on aligning our solutions with your institutional priorities –” BLACKBOARD

To build relationships and community…

“High Point Solutions understands the vital role that NJEDge plays in connecting, educating, and building a community around educational institutions to further the use and success of technology.”

“Without exception, member institutions we have met at a variety of conferences were glad to learn that Instructure was an NJEDge.Net partner. They expressed that is through this Affiliate Program that new technologies are screened and then exposed to member institutions for consideration and adoption.“

To help education evolve by working with institutions to optimize IT infrastructure…

“Instructure and NJEDge are of like minds—to provide advanced and innovative technology and services to support and advance teaching and learning (and affiliations, like Internet2 Net+). It is this alignment of purpose that attracted Instructure to NJEDge,and our resulting partnership”

“Turning Technologies is driven on our commitment to education by our belief in the pedagogical benefits of student response. NJEDge.Net creates an environment for interoperability to facilitate productive use of technology across the academic enterprise. With our similar goals, the partnership of Turning Technologies and NJEDge.net allow us to collaborate to ultimately enhance the education process for learners in the state of New Jersey.”