NJEDge.Net is a NJ based 501.3(C) research and education network which provides statewide technology infrastructure to colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and hospital/medical institutions holding NJEDge.Net membership. Members depend on NJEDge.Net for cost-effective deployments of new technology and advanced applications made possible through the buying power consortium we provide.

Service and support for our participating members account for a combined total of over 4.5 gigabits of Internet and 300 megabits of Internet2 bandwidth traveling over a managed IP infrastructure that covers the entire state. Through its deployment of an advanced regional optical network, NJEDge.Net supports its members in their institutional missions by providing collaborative resources and networked information services in support of teaching and learning, research and development, outreach and public service, and economic development throughout the state of New Jersey.

The NJEDge.Net Affiliate Partner Program is an opportunity for vendors to support our nonprofit mission.