NJEDge designs special events that are topic-specific and audience-centric. Affiliate Partners interact with different types of schools which drive our programs and events. At their disposal are nearly 75 academic and research institutions – our general membership. Other opportunities include exhibits at the Affiliate Showcase in March and the Annual Conference in November. Throughout the year Affiliate Partners are offered opportunities to sponsor events, workshops or webinars to engage the audience about their product and service

The most prominent venue for exhibiting is at the Annual Conference in November where there is a designated space for vendors and the opportunity to sponsor a breakout track to present or demonstrate your products and services. Affiliate Partners have found sponsoring breakfast, lunch, dinner, special events, or participating in giveaways or prize drawings as memorable ways to attain visibility.

Despite the major opportunities in the Affiliate Partner Program for corporate vendors to maximize their visibility, the program is not intended to grant a preference in the award of any contracts by NJEDge.Net or any of its institutional members.


NJEDge.Net Affiliate Partner Opportunities

  • Support non-profit missions of the NJEDge community.
  • Collaborate with NJEDge.Net members on the use of technology on campuses, new network applications and technologies, and other innovations in education.
  • Interact with college, university, hospital and K-12 leaders who drive our programs and events.
  • Ability to exchange technical expertise and experience with the NJ educational community.
  • Opportunity to collaborate within the NJEDge.Net infrastructure including Internet2.
  • Participate in NJEDge.Net activities and events through focused sessions, serving on panels, making presentations, and sponsoring events.
  • Special discounts for exhibiting at the NJEDge.Net Annual Conference, the Faculty Showcase, and Summer Luncheon.