NJEDge.Net is a non-profit corporation, created by the New Jersey Presidents Council and governed by a Board of Trustees, which includes University and College Presidents, Chief Academic Officers and Chief Information Officers. We are a member-driven organization. At its creation, every Higher Education Institution in NJ committed to supporting NJEDge.Net in order to take part in the Higher Education Technology Infrastructure Fund. Part of that support was to connect to the network. As your consortium, we follow state procurement guidelines to acquire these services on your behalf including issuing last mile RFP’s for Ethernet services.

NJEDge staff spends significant time working with our members’ IT staffs to review their network environment and WAN and Internet connectivity requirements. Through our robust optical network and contracts with diverse last mile providers, NJEDge has the ability to improve a member’s network performance and redundancy while managing the associated costs.

Benefits of NJEDge.Net Connected Membership

  • Vidyo conferencing, supporting distance learning
    • Delivery of Vidyo HD video services requires connection to the NJEDge network
    • 3 free Vidyo Lines are included in connected membership
    • Connectivity to legacy Multipoint Conferencing Unit to support h.323 included
  • NJVID, our digital video portal and repository service
    • Lower cost of NJVID for connected member
    • On-Net access improves performance of service
  • Asynchronous collaboration tools included in connected membership
    • Blackboard Collaborate (2 rooms)
    • Adobe Connect Sandbox (1 semester 2 named host rooms)
  • Access to low cost 24/7 network monitoring for connected members
  • Advanced traffic management technologies exclusive to NJEDge.Net connected members
    • Next generation protocol to manage redundant service provider connections (LISP)
      • Dual connected NJEDge members at no cost
      • Single connected and general members must pay for service
  • Connectivity to Internet2, the international Higher Ed and research network
    • Ability to purchase fiber IRU’s via NJEDge’s membership to I2
    • Access to low cost consortium purchasing vehicles through NJEDge’s membership in Internet2
  • Access to low cost consortium purchasing vehicles through NJEDge’s membership, The Quilt, only available to connected membership.
  • New Jersey College Presidents can serve on the NJEDge Board of Trustees if the member institution is a connected member
  • Staff augmentation
    • Access to NJEDge subject matter experts in various disciplines is included in connected membership. Expertise in Wide Area Networking, Telecom Management, Traffic Engineering, Video Conferencing and Virtualization is provided by NJEDge staff and can be supplemented by our affiliate vendor relationships.